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Follow Up to The Sociable Lawyer Houston Event

On June 13th, we were proud to host our second networking event in Texas this year. This one was a Sociable Lawyer Premiere Event hosted at Spencer’s Lounge at the […]

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Come Join Us For The Sociable Lawyer Houston Premier Event!

The Sociable Lawyer is excited to announce that tonight we’ll be hosting our second networking event in Texas this year at Spencer’s Lounge in at the Houston Hilton! If you […]

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The Newly Independent Attorney: Billing Issues Follow Up

In a post last week I considered the issue of how newly independent attorneys can determine what to charge clients, when to charge clients, and how much to charge clients. […]

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Tips for creating your law firm’s website

Law firms are notorious for having terrible websites. If you doubt it, just run a quick Internet search of law firm websites. Many of the ones I found while doing […]

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Google Analytics Expands to Provide Tools To Track Social Media Effectiveness

If you’ve been taking my advice there is a good chance you’ve started a legal blog to promote your law practice, engage with potential clients, and to expand your reputation […]

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Beer, Meatballs, and Video Games — This Week in Small Business

While I just described what I would have considered the perfect weekend as a twenty-one year-old, this week’s round up isn’t meant to make you feel thirsty, hungry, and lazy. […]

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Got a Mega Millions pool? Make sure everyone gets their share

With the lottery jackpot hitting new highs, chances are a few people in your office or your neighborhood are banding together with dreams of becoming instant millionaires. The odds may […]

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Using Evernote To Improve Your Practice: The Basics

Managing The Mountain of Information Attorneys work with fantastic amounts of information everyday. It begins at the very outset of a new matter when a client first sends you a […]

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Break Out the Sparklers! 4th of July Legal and Safety Tips

For most Americans, Independence Day isn’t complete without a rousing array of fireworks, and for good reason.  Fireworks have been a part of 4th of July festivities since the very […]

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Travel like a Pro! Five Legal Tips for Your Overseas Vacation

Ah, June. The kids are out of school, the A/C is working overtime, and if you’re like many Americans, it’s also the time to plan a summer vacation. While most […]

August is make a will month at Rocket Lawyer

August is Make a Will Month! Get Your Free Legal Will

Did you know that 20,000 Wills are created every month with Rocket Lawyer alone?  Although that sounds like a lot, the fact is that 57% of adults in the U.S. […]

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Tax Law Changes for 2010-11: What Everybody Needs to Know

The 2011 tax filing season has started, and as with every year, there are new tax laws to keep track of. Not every law may affect you, but here are […]