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Responding to Controversies, Pinterest Updates Its ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Pin Etiquette’

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the latest popular social media site, Pinterest. Indeed, we considered the potential to use Pinterest to promote your […]

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Create Your Perfect Career In The Legal Industry

Regardless of the truth of the statement, it’s become almost cliche to suggest that most attorneys hate their jobs. Of course, I suspect that the number of people in the […]

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Use LinkedIn’s Signal Feature to Get More Out of Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn recently added a fantastic new feature to their site that can radically change the way you consume the information in your social media stream. The feature is called “LinkedIn […]

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Five Tips To Maximize The Value of Your Facebook Page

Sam Glover at The Lawyerist recently explained why he thought you should delete your Facebook Page for your firm. He argues that most people never visits Facebook pages and that […]

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How To Make a Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is undisputed as the world’s largest professional network. Unlike Facebook, for example, people primarily use LinkedIn for business purposes. The reasons this is beneficial for professional networking purposes should […]

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Why Fewer Firms Are Blocking Attorney Access To Social Media

According to a recent report by Gartner, Inc., “Fewer than 30 percent of large organizations will block employee access to social media sites by 2014, compared with 50 percent in […]

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This Week in Small Business — Leap Year Edition!

Last week, we looked at what your customers want (whether they know it or not). This week? We’ll be looking at what thrives in a down economy, why all your […]

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Creating a cheap, effortless website for your new practice

Increasingly, many lawyers and prominent legal bloggers have noted that law firm websites rarely bring lawyers new business and don’t significantly increase a lawyer’s professional reputation. Kevin O’Keefe of the […]

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This Week in Small Business — Social Media & What Customers Want

Last week, we took a look at some business news from across the web. It was a potpourri of stories, ranging from magic shops to trademarking your baby’s name. This […]

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Pinterest for Lawyers

In the past several months Pinterest has become the new, hot social media tool on the Internet. If you are a creative, tech-savvy attorney you might be wondering if you […]

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Are You Ready to Go Solo?

Although many attorneys dream of making the move, the transition from a steady paycheck to the uncertainties of solo practice is scary. Nonetheless, most solo practitioners never look back after […]

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Cyber-Ethics: New Proposed Changes to ABA Model Rule 7.1

It’s not always easy to determine when a lawyer’s use of social media sites like law blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to market and network violates a state’s ethical rules. […]