What landlords need to know about subletting

what landlords need to know about subletting

Kasia from Rentalutions shared the basics that every landlord must know before subletting a property, learn the essentials to rent and sublet during our Landlord Month at Rocket Lawyer.

Happy Small Business Week!

small business week

This is Small Business Week and we want to share a few resources for business owners that the Small Business Association is offering this week and how Rocket Lawyer can help you get started with your company.

Tax season: How to file an extension

tax season filing extension

Are you stressing about not getting your tax return done in time? The IRS does allow you to file an extension. We provide a step-by-step process to help.

Tax season: How to survive being audited by the IRS

audited irs causes expectations

It’s tax season again, which for most of us means a few hours of hunting down our W-2s and hoping for a nice refund. Once you’ve filed, you’re off the […]

The Year I…

the year i

2017 is the year I will start my business or get married, you set up your goals. This is your year, and we want to help you achieve those goals.

How to pay taxes as a freelancer

how to pay taxes as a freelancer

Are you living the freelance life? Are you an Etsy seller, a word wizard or a wedding photographer? Most of us envy the freelancer’s life: no clock or commute and […]

5 great reasons to incorporate your business


If you’re launching your business or have a side hustle, consider incorporation. Here are our 5 reasons to incorporate your business, it is a great idea for your business, and it’s a lot easier than you think.

Learn how to start a photography business

how to start a photography business

Have you considered photography as a career? Whether you want to run a photography studio or work weddings, here’s how to start a photography business.

Customer stories: Meet Chris

img breene customer

We interviewed Chris Breene a small business owner. Chris Breene shares his struggle with illness and what inspired him to start GFTB.

How to incorporate your small business

how to incorporate your business

January is here and our favorite resolution is to help you start your business this guide on how to incorporate your business will help you get started.

Running an Etsy Shop: Marketing & Hiring Help

etsy marketing ideas

How to run an Etsy Shop: Marketing on Etsy & Hiring For Small Businesses You launched your Etsy shop, and you’re ready to sell to millions, now it’s time to […]

Small business opportunities during the holidays

small business holiday shopping

Early planning and consistent marketing is the best way to ensure a successful holiday sales season, especially for small businesses. This year, Americans are planning to spend an average of […]